December 10, 2021 3 min read

Holidays are the best time of year to spend with our loved ones, and that includes our furbabies. 

As the world slowly opens up over the season there is no better time to go on an adventure with your furbaby. In this blog post we will be going over how to make the most of the holidays with your four-legged friend.

Use the extra time to bond with your furbaby

The holidays give you some more precious time to bond with your furbaby. In this article we’ve gone into detail about activities to bond with your dog at home here: 

bonding with dogs

Going into the great outdoors

Most dogs enjoy the great outdoors. New locations provide mental and physical stimuli that keep their brains alert and happy while also being an entertaining form of exercise. 

You can try getting your furbaby’s paws in the sand with a fun beach adventure and play in the surf. However, if getting sand in fur isn’t your dog's favourite thing, you can also try bush walks and hiking trails. 

Be mindful that just because a place may have a lot of room to run around it doesn’t automatically make it pet-friendly. Always plan ahead to ensure that your destination is a pet-friendly one. For example, places such as national reserves are usually not pet-friendly places.

Dog playing at the beach


Taking your furbaby on vacation

It’s a common misconception amongst furparents that you need to find a petsitter or a pet accommodation service while you are away on vacation. But if you don’t want to leave your furbaby behind there are many pet-friendly accommodation options available - without having to compromise on adventure. 

You can find places such as farmstays with as much room as your furbaby needs to run around, right through to pet-friendly glamping!

Usually with pet-friendly vacation places you still need to bring your furbaby's essentials such as food, treats and toys. 

dog in field

What if you can’t take your furbaby with you?

Sometimes due to circumstances we can’t bring our furbaby on vacation. Below are some tips to reduce your furbaby’s anxiety and keep them safe. 

Find a reputable pet sitter: do your research on pet sitters in your local area. Look for reviews and prior experience caring for other furbabies. 

Sometimes during the holiday season there will be less experienced pet sitters looking for short-term jobs at more affordable rates. If you feel comfortable hiring someone less experienced, ask them if they have owned or cared for a pet before and ensure you have an open line of communication.

Before you hand over your pet to the pet sitter make sure you leave them detailed instructions along with a plentiful supply of food, treats, medications and their favourite toys.

Animal kennels:Kennels are a cost-effective way of keeping your pet safe while you go on vacation. However, they may suffer from some anxiety if they are not sociable with other furbabies. To reduce the anxiety, you can ask to leave some of their favourite toys with them to keep them occupied. 

If you are planning a trip well in advance you can also train your furbaby to become more accustomed to other dogs. You can do this by regularly going to dog parks, or areas with high pedestrian traffic and letting them get used to socialising. 

Luxury pet hotel:For the furbaby that likes to indulge in the finer things in life, luxury pet hotels offer a full-blown luxury experience including gourmet food, special play-dates, massages and pedicures. They may still experience separation anxiety so it is important to get them used to being without you for some periods of time before you take them to the hotel.

For animal kennels and luxury resorts you will need to ensure that your dog is vaccinated and has been given their parasite protection medication.

Support local

Now that the world is slowly opening up again for business, we urge you to support local business owners and make their holidays brighter too :-)