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Do you own, manage or know of a business that would benefit from stocking our products?

We are a growing business and always looking for other like minded businesses to join our team of highly regarded retailers. Our healthy, nutritious and delicious long time chews and training biscuits are popular pet treats for the health conscious dog & cat owner.

Our current wholesale clients quickly saw the potential and have greatly benefited since stocking our products. First of all, they have satisfied their customers by providing a healthy alternative to ordinary supermarket pet treats. Secondly, their revenue has increased and they have added value to the business.

Among our wholesale clients are veterinary clinics, dog friendly cafés, dog trainers and pet shops, just to name a few.

Together, our goal is to find the right product range to suit both you and your customers' needs. As a result, we are flexible with minimum order quantities and more than happy to explain all benefits of each product.