So who are The Golden Bone Bakery?

Hi, we’re Katharina and Reiner, founders of The Golden Bone Bakery. We’re a little Aussie company with a love for animals. We’re on a mission to transform the pet industry with our Australian-made range of natural pet treats. We also want to grow a company which supports the animal and human community around us. Are you with us?


Because our pets deserve better.

You want to make your pet as happy as they make you. What makes them happy? Plenty of loving attention, and food, food, food! You might be treating your pet for training. Or just because you love them to pieces. While you’re treating them, you want to be sure you’re taking the very best care of their health too.

The problem with many treats out there for dogs and cats, is that while our four-legged friends might think they taste great, they are far from healthy. Many of the additives used to keep treats soft, make them smell meatier, or preserve them, are at best unnecessary. At worst, they are
potentially damaging to your pet’s health. A growing number of veterinarians and other pet professionals are concerned. They say that these additives may cause weight gain, skin allergies, diabetes and maybe even cancer.

So we’ve made it our mission to provide an excellent alternative! The Golden Bone Bakery have been thoughtfully creating a range of natural pet treats for your fur babies since 2015. Pawsome treats and long lasting chews your dog or cat will love. They are not only 100 percent free from
artificial ingredients, but nutritious too! And so delicious your pets will go crazy for them!

“Our dog Maxie usually sits and waits politely for his treats, but when I gave him his first beef tube all manners were abandoned! ...I have never seen him so enthusiastic about a treat in his life.” Rachel Kerr

It all started with Jett

This journey began with our Labrador X Blue Heeler, Jett. We were using treats to teach him tricks. He loved them. But his tummy didn’t. Looking at the back of the packet shocked us. We saw a whole list of ingredients that we didn’t think should be in a ‘treat.’ Certainly nothing we wanted to give our beautiful Jett. No wonder he was passing smelly wind and looking uncomfortable!

Katharina started making him dog bikkies from scratch. Jett loved them, and so did every other dog we made them for. We soon realised there were definitely more animals out there who could benefit from a more thoughtful product with 100% natural ingredients. With a background in pharmaceutical sciences and animal husbandry, Katharina began to research how to make that happen. And with that, The Golden Bone Bakery was born.

Before formulating our recipes at The Golden Bone Bakery, we did extensive research. We interviewed more than 100 veterinarians, trainers, breeders and dog and cat owners. We wanted to know what our pets needed, what was out there, and how we could innovate to make the highest quality products.

Here’s what makes up every bite of The Golden Bone Bakery natural pet treats

Highest quality ingredients

The health of your pet is our mission. That’s why we utilise ingredients which bring optimal nutrition to your pet, from meat sourced in Australia. And that ingredients list is always available. That way, you can be reassured you are providing the very best high quality treat for your pet.

Made with love

We process and bake our treats with your pets in mind, not us. If something is better for them, we do it that way. Always. If we are making or baking it, then what we produce will be much more than a ‘treat’ - it will be nutritional gold in every bite.

Independent approval

Our recipes are veterinarian-approved. They are also tested for nutrition levels with Symbio Laboratories, an Australian independent lab. Plus, we always follow the guidelines of the PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia).

100% natural

Just - Eat - Real - Food. Works for people and pets alike. Our treats are 100% free of artificial additives. Our products contain no added salt, sugar or preservatives. They are also low in fat. Ideal for allergies, digestive issues, dental issues or weight management.

” It’s hard to find real healthy treats with nutritional benefits for dogs. The Golden Bone Bakery uses fantastic ingredients that are beneficial to dog health and are not only delicious but also low in fat. ” Dr. Gillian Sylvestre BVSc (Hons. 1A) – Holistic Veterinarian at Little Critters Peterinary Care Clinc

Dedicated to giving back

By purchasing our products you are helping us to give back to the community. Over the years we have developed into a social enterprise which supports three major charities.

  • RSPCA School For Dogs (official sponsor)
  • Smart Pups Assistance Dogs
  • WorkRestart

We believe that both people and pets deserve a second chance, don’t you? That’s why we partner with WorkRestart. A wonderful program supporting inmates to rehabilitate. This is through working with and for, animals at the Borallon Correctional Centre. Find out more.

“They put their whole heart and soul into making these treats and using some really good
products. I love the fact that it is all natural and I can feel safe giving it to all our dog owners
knowing that we’re putting some good food back into the dogs.” Jolie Beckett, owner of Ellen & Rod Café

Go on mum and dad, gimme the good stuff!






Dr Gillian Sylvestre BVSc (Hons. 1A) – Hollistic Veterinarian

” It’s hard to find real healthy treats with nutritional benefits for dogs. The Golden Bone Bakery uses fantastic ingredients that are beneficial to dog health and are not only delicious but also low in fat. ” Dr. Gillian Sylvestre

Gillian has been adr-gillian full-time small animal Vet, in private and Government practice, since graduating from the University of Queensland with First Class Honours in 2006.She now manages Little Critters Peterinary Care with her wonderful team and has a particular interest into healthy dog nutrition while currently studying a post-graduate certificate about Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine.

Amongst other interests, Gillian is also a fully qualified Horticulturist and her team are well known in the community for their genuine support of rescue animal work for charities.


 RSPCA QLD – RSPCA School For Dogs 

The RSPCA School for Dogs fills the gap many dog owners experience after their puppy preschool class, and is based on a proven positive reinforcement methodology, and guided by the RSPCA five freedoms for animals.

The program was developed to empower dog lovers with the important know how of understanding the animal’s behaviour. This ensures that there are fewer animals  surrendered to the RSPCA and local pounds each year, and to ensure that every dog has the opportunity to live happily in the wider community.

Did you know we are the official sponsor of the RSPCA School For Dogs?

We proudly sponsor all RSPCA School for Dogs facilities by providing our healthy dog treats as graduation gifts to each graduate. This can lead to over a 100 bags per months.