Awesome Superfood Treat Bundle

Awesome Superfood Treat Bundle 

Our Superfood Bundle features our line of treats that combine scientifically selected superfoods to improve your furbaby’s vision, fresh breath & gut health

Your furbaby will love it because it tastes great and has the benefits of nutritious, all-natural superfood ingredients. 

What you will receive:  

280g Happy Tummy (oats, pumpkin, kale & prebiotics for sensitive tummies & skin)

280g Fresh Breath (oats, mint, seaweed - Did you know that Seaweed nourishes the eye nerve & beats bad breath?)

280g Immune Booster (oats, blueberries, beetroot for a sweet-tasting & an overall strong immunity)

Save 5% with a Trio (1x Happy Tummy,  1x Fresh Breath, 1x Immune Booster)

Save 7% with a 6-Pack (2x Happy Tummy,  2x Fresh Breath, 2x Immune Booster)

Save 10% with a 10-Pack (4x Happy Tummy,  3x Fresh Breath, 3x Immune Booster)

WARNING! Your dog may gain superpowers!