April 25, 2021 3 min read

The very end of each year is often connected with great excitement and for others, connected with panic. Your four legged friend can perceive thunderstorm like noises, bright flashing lights and the smell of gun powder as a threat.

Here are 5 ultimate last-minute tips on how to prevent unnecessary stress on your four-legged friend.


  1. Keep them calm and relaxed

To reduce the flickering of the flashing lights and also the noise on New Year’s Eve, you should keep the windows, blinds or curtains closed at home throughout the evening.

It is important that your dog finds their usual retreat such as their basket, transport box or blanket.

Plan your evening so that you do not have to leave your favorite pup alone and do not use fireworks yourself. Gentle music or a running TV can minimize the craziness past the doorstep.

A very panicky four-legged friend will find it most helpful if you keep your routine. So just carry on with your evening as always. Organise a relaxed dinner atmosphere and later spend some time on the couch in front of the tv.


  1. Walk your dog during day time hours.

On New Year’s Eve, please make sure you plan the last walk of the day in daylight as many people start their fireworks as soon as it gets dark.

It’s impossible to know if fireworks will be detonated close by when you’re on the road, your pup should always be on a leash around New Year’s Eve.


  1. Hide the goodies

For special days like these you should pamper your dog with some good treats and your attention.

The goal here is called “distraction”. Place treats in various places around the house and let your pup search for them. Or start teaching a new trick like balancing a biscuit on their nose!

To keep your dog occupied for longer, give him a natural long term chew like a goat horn or a deer antler. These longterm chews are healthy dog treats and perfectly suited as an inside treat as they don’t smell much. Well at least us hoomans can’t smell them much 😉

Important: Start with this distraction before the fireworks and New Years celebrations start.


4. Make good use of our nature’s power plants

Homeopathic globules and Bach flower drops like the rescue drops for animals can be used as a prevention to calm easily agitated dogs.

However, these products can only work if they have been continuously administered at least 14 days in advance.

The administration of chemical tranquilizers or medicines for humans is strongly discouraged.


  1. You are the role model here

Always remember that you are the leader of the pack and your furry friend look towards you for guidance. If you excessively comfort and pity your dog, chances are it will increase their fear as it is not normal behaviour.

Instead, it is better to let them stay close to you and they receive some cuddles here and there.

If you want to completely avoid the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, plan a short trip away to a calm place where it is either prohibited to have fireworks or is secluded where not many people go – and a short break will make you and your dog equally as happy!


Our Conclusion

The Christmas stress has just finished  when it starts all over again for New Year’s Eve with fireworks and the smell of gun powder.

Our tip, keep your daily routine, walk your doggy only in daylight and don’t excessively show pity for your furry friends but instead create a happy safe place for them.

No matter where you and your four-legged friend spend New Year’s Eve – we wish you a relaxing evening and a happy new year!

Our Mission

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We strongly believe that “You are what you eat” goes for us hoomans as well as for our dogs. So please come and join us on our mission to create more happy and healthy pets!


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