November 27, 2021 3 min read

Furbabies are a special part of any family and the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to shower them in extra love. 

However, we know how difficult it can be to choose gifts especially for our loved ones so we have made your choice a little easier with a new range of gift bundles for dogs. 

These bundles have an assortment of treats we know your pet will love, hand-picked by The Golden Bone Bakery Team. 

With five different bundles to suit dogs of any size and appetite there is a bundle for every furbaby to enjoy. 

And because we are in the festive spirit, each bundle also includes some extra special gifts straight from the elves at The Golden Bone Bakery. 

Please keep in mind that due to the demand for certain products, and the incredible amount of value in each bundle they will only be available for a limited time over the festive season. 

Here are the details for each bundle:

*Christmas Special Surprise included in each pack*

Because we believe that every furbaby needs to celebrate the holiday season, each bundle also includes some special gifts from The Golden Bone Bakery.

The Super-Dog Bundle

Our new Super-Dog Bundle features our new line of treats that combine scientifically selected superfoods to improve your furbaby’s vision, gut health and immunity.

Your furbaby will love it because it tastes great and has the benefits of nutritious, all-natural ingredients. WARNING!: Your dog may gain superpowers!

What you will receive:

  • 200g Happy Tummy (Pumpkin, Kale & Prebiotics)
  • 200g Immune Booster (Blueberry & Beetroot)
  • 200g Strong Eyes (Chlorella - Seaweed)

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The Pup-arazzi Dog Treat Bundle 

Get your furbaby photo-ready with this bundle of 5 different treats that will keep their teeth healthy, and help them grow a shiny, healthy coat all whilst maintaining a super strong immune system.

(Available in both Small and Large options!)

What you will receive:

  • 200g Immune Booster Superfood Treats (Blueberry & Beetroot)
  • Chicken Crunchies
  • Beef Hooves filled with Roo Meat
  • Lamb Ears
  • Fish Crispies

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The Petite Paws Bundle 

For the little pupper who likes to live large. Smaller furbabies often face a tough battle, so we've taken our most popular snacks and shrunk them down to fit their tiny chomps.

(Available in both Small and Large options)

What you will receive:

  • Fish Crispies
  • Lamb Crunchies
  • Small Mackerel Chews
  • 200g 3 Flavour Mix Superfood Treats

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The Pawesome Pirate Bundle

This pirate-themed bundle will turn your dogs into top tier scallywags with an assortment of treats straight from the high seas.

We know your furbaby will plunder this bundle with tasty items such as Mackerel Munchies, Fish Crispies, Sharkies and much more!

(Available in both Small and Large options)

What you will receive:

  • 200g Strong Eyes Superfood Treats (Chlorella - Seaweed)
  • Mackerel Munchies
  • Golden Fish Bites
  • Sharkies
  • Fish Crispies

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The Lassie's Large Dog Treat Bundle 

For the biggest and cuddliest pooch, this selection of treats have been hand selected specifically for our larger furbabies. The bundle contains treats that are not only scrumptious, but healthy too thanks to wholesome ingredients for those with an enviable size appetite!

(Available in both Small and Large options)

What you will receive:

  • Beef Hooves filled with Roo Meat
  • Beef Tubes
  • Lamb Quoobies
  • Large Goat Horn
  • 200g Happy Tummy Superfood Treats (Pumpkin, Kale & Prebiotics)

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.