April 25, 2021 3 min read

Car Safety Tips for the Fido

Going for a car ride with our fur-baby can be super fun and convenient. We bring them to their vet check-ups, the dog park or even join us as we run errands. We love seeing our fur-pals enjoy the wind, as they stick out their tongues and furry heads out of the car window. However, regardless the distance of the drive, it is important to properly secure your dog behind the wheel before hitting the road. This will ensure that your fur-baby stays safe, and also prevents him from distracting you. Here are 3 car safety tips to consider before going for a car ride with your dog:


Car Safety Tip #1: Get them used to being in a car

The first step to ensuring that your pet stays safe is to get them accustomed to car rides. Going in a car can sometimes cause your pooch to be overly excited, stressed or even anxious. This can create distractions while you drive, posing a potential risk.

Gradual, slow training can help your dog learn how to behave in a car ride. Start by associating your car with positive feelings. This can include providing high-value treats or toys that they only have access to when they are near or in the car. Once you get them feeling comfortable getting in and out of the car, introduce the different sounds the car can make (e.g. closing of doors, horn, engine, etc). You can then start going for short rides, increasing the distance as he gets more accustomed to car rides.  


Car Safety Tip #2: Buckle up

Just like how seatbelts are extremely important for us, our fur-babies need to be buckled up when going for a ride. There are many car safety products for dogs available on the market. It is important to choose the right product that is appropriate for your dog’s size. Car harnesses and dog seat belts are the most commonly used. These products will keep your pooch restrained to their seat, while allowing them some freedom to move. For puppies, a boost seat or travel-safe crate is usually recommended.  

Try to keep your dog in the back seat as much as possible. Also, refrain from letting your fur-baby poke his head out of the window. It can pose danger to your pet, as he could get hit by a flying object or even jump out. Note that tray-back utilities can be extremely hot for you little pooch’s paw. Apart from securing your dog, ensure he is in the shade (preferably under a canopy) and has access to water, when travelling at the back of a ute.  


Car Safety Tip #3: Never leave them in the car unattended

Dogs are highly susceptible to heatstroke. According to RSPCA, you could lose your fur-pal to heatstroke in just six minutes if left in a car unattended. Vehicles can get very hot even if the car is positioned in a cool, shaded position with the windows down. Leaving your dog unattended in a car should be completely avoided, as interior temperature can increase quickly to life-threatening levels.

Car rides with your fur-pal

Taking road trips with your pooch can be an extremely fun experience if you keep them safe. Just remember to provide adequate trainings with delicious treats and toys, buckle them up appropriately and avoid leaving them in your vehicle.

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