February 10, 2022 5 min read

AAA Pet Resort has generously offered to give our readers a 10% discount on your pet’s stay. Just mention this blog post from The Golden Bone Bakery when booking.

Sprawling green lawns, daily maid service, spa baths, French-glass doors, king-sized beds and fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms with chandeliers near the seaside.

You’d almost be forgiven for mistaking it with a celebrity's favourite holiday destination.

But for furbabies that need a place to stay while the furparents are away this is now a reality thanks to the amazing team at AAA Pet Resort on the Gold Coast.

Created to be a home away from home for all furbabies, the resort’s philosophy is grounded in compassion for animals and to “ensure all of our guests have a great time, in a loving, protective environment.” It’s not simply the physical aspects of ‘home’ that the resort wishes to emulate: they always have staff on the premises to play and look after your furbaby during the day. 

Unlike human hotels, the care doesn’t stop at 8pm. At night time there is a team to observe your furbaby so they are looked after, even while they are asleep.

The Golden Bone Bakery interviewed Kelly Avery, the General Manager at AAA Pet Resort to ask her about what happens at the resort, tips on preparing your furbaby, and future plans which even include a water park area complete with mineral pools. 

A family business

Kelly’s family has been in the pet industry for 3 generations with plenty of experience in pet accommodation. Michael Avery, the resort’s owner previously owned various pet facilities across Queensland and has channelled all his knowledge and passion into the AAA Pet Resort. 

While the industry has evolved over the years, the family’s passion to provide furbabies with all the love and care they need while their furparents are away has always remained constant.

“Our family lives, breathes and worships fur babies and has done since my grandparents first opened their first boarding facility when they were in their 20s. It has been extremely exciting watching the industry change and grow in the years.” 


Fit for a Fur-King

The AAA Pet Resort has standard rooms, villas, Presidential Suites, and even Queen and King rooms! 

 “I would have to say my most favourite memory while working inside the pet resort would be the first time our fur guests got to use our new rooms after our last renovations. Who would have thought that dog boarding kennels would have beautiful king-sized beds, lounges and chandeliers? That was my vision many years ago. I love when people come and inspect the facility!  A lot of the comments we get is that it is better than their own hotel that they are staying at. Seeing them in absolute luxury and sleeping on the couch and king sized beds really warmed my heart and made all the big loops and hard work worth it.”


The King's Room

A typical day in pet paradise

 While the accommodation is impressive just on it’s own. AAA Pet Resort gives a complete well-rounded experience that also includes playtime, spa baths and food breaks.

“A typical day would always start with the first play session. The fur babies are always super excited in the mornings! Then it's time  for some yummy breakfast after working up an appetite. Then we move onto toilet breaks and extra service activities. Everyone is pretty tired at that point so we all have a bit of a rest break. After break we are back out in the play parks with their second play sessions until late afternoon. We would then serve dinner and get them settled for the night.”


A home away from home

To help reduce furbabies anxiety the resort rooms have been specifically designed to reflect the look and feel of a typical suburban home. 

“We pride ourselves on taking the measures to design our rooms for the most common needs of our fur guests. As we have been in the industry for so long we have identified common problems most fur babies face while boarding and then made rooms that combat those common problems. In addition to making our rooms more homely we also have music which is scientifically proven to help our fur guests with anxiety.”


The future of AAA Pet Resort

“We have some big plans coming for the Pet Resort. At the moment we are building our very own doggy beach with a mineral pool for them to splash and play while they holiday with us. We are also adding in some more off leash play parks in our 5 acre facility.”


Tips to prepare a furbaby for their stay

Quenching furparent and furbaby pre-resort jitters is vital in keeping your furbaby calm before and during their stay at the resort. Dogs are incredibly empathic animals and they will be able to pick up on your anxiousness too. If you have any doubts about the place, or you are feeling apprehensive about leaving your furbaby alone Kelly suggests doing proper research beforehand.

“Make sure you are confident in the facility you are using for your fur baby before you go on your holiday. Do the research beforehand so that you're nice and relaxed when dropping off your four legged best friend as your anxiety will rub off on them. They can sense when you are anxious and that puts them on guard right at the start of their holiday. We will always insist on taking them in without you when you first arrive to get them nice and distracted so they will not notice when you leave- sort of like dropping the kids off atkindy.”


Final thoughts

Over the years the pet accommodation industry has gained some stigma due to the media and other facilities that have attempted to cut corners and sacrifice the level of care to animals in the process. AAA Pet Resort is determined to turn this stigma around by providing the best level of service, incredible facilities for the fur guests, and all the love and attention a furbaby needs. 

“The one thing I would love your readers to do is come and have a look even if you would never use a boarding facility, help us to change the industry.”

Kelly and the team at AAA Pet Resort have generously offered to give our readers a 10% discount on your pet’s stay. Just mention this blog post from The Golden Bone Bakery when booking.

To book or find out more visit their website: https://www.aaapetresort.com.au/