April 25, 2021 3 min read

With isolation boredom kicking in, we are truly blessed to have our furbabies as our companions. Here are some activities you can do WITH your pet to get rid of those isolation blues.

Activity #1: Paint with your pets

Get some kids non-toxic paint and get creative with your furbaby! Simply dip your pet’s paw into paint and gently press it on a canvas or paper for a few seconds. Voila, a masterpiece!

Activity #2: Dance with your pet

Learn a new couple dance like Kizomba or Bachata from home – but with your dog or cat. Simply practice the steps while you carry them (if they are not big and heavy like my dogs). Once all of this is over, you will be ready to hit the dance floor!  

Activity # 3: Do Doga

Did you know yoga with dogs was actually a thing? Neither did we! Do a Doga class with your furbaby – we personaly enjoyed this Doga Class we found on YouTube. It will definitely leave you and your pooch zen for the rest of the day.

Activity #4: Have a photoshoot

Dress your dog up and finally have that family photoshoot you always wanted. You could even turn the photos into a calendar for the next year. A calendar or planner might not have been very useful this year – but it definitely would be next year!

Activity #5: Do the tic tac toe challenge

Take part of the new trend and challenge a game of tic tac toe with your pooch. It is simple- draw a tic tac toe grid, put delicious treats in each square and start playing!

If you have two dogs (or more), have a tic tac toe championship game! let the dogs take turns to play in pairs and make sure they take a treat at a time. Let the best dog win!

Have your dog start by choosing a single treat and mark it with a circle. And then you remove a treat and mark your decision with a cross. Take turns until one of you wins.

P.s. I have seen cats playing this game too!

Activity #6: Teach your pet new trick

Finally teach your pet that trick you always wanted them to do! Here is our favourite trick you can teach your pet:

The ‘Sit Pretty’ Trick

Step 1: Ask your pet to sit

Step 2: Add a visual cue

Show your pet a treat in your hand. Close your hand and place your hand in front of his nose. Once he paws or leans towards the treat, lift that hand above his head so that he will try to get the treat by reaching straight up.

Step 3: Add a verbal cue

Say out the name of the trick the moment your pet’s paws comes off the floor. Give the healthy treat to your pet as you say the verbal cue (“sit pretty”). Always make sure your pet gets a treat for trying even if the pose is done briefly and he falls over. Practice this step several times (no more than 5 minutes a day) until he manages to hold the pose consistently for at least a second.

Step 4: Little by little, raise your hand higher and add distance to your hand cue where it is no longer over your pet’s head.

Note: it is best to avoid this trick if your dog has hip or spine health issues or is a long-backed dog (like a Dachshund).

Activity #7: Let them watch you while you bake them treats

Why not just let them watch you bake them a treat for them with whatever leftover ingredients you have at home! Just make sure all the ingredients you use are safe for your dog! Below is a simple recipe you can make for your doggo.

Leftover Ingredient Recipe


  • 80g Oatmeal Flour 
  • 18 g Apple puree/Greek yogurt (or 1 banana mashed)
  • 1g Cinnamon Powder/ Herbs (Rosemary/Oregano/Parsley/Mint)
  • 1g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
  • Water


  • Preheat oven 115 Degree Celcius. 
  • Mix all ingredients in bowl. Knead dough and add water if required. 
  • Roll out dough with a rolling pin and use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.
  • Bake for 30 minutes.
  • Let it cool and feed happy puppers!

Hope you have fun with these suggested activities with your pet! Having a lazy day? Watching TV and chilling with your pal is also considered an excellent activity to do! And with the weather getting colder, there isn’t a better way than to have a furry heat bag.