April 25, 2021 3 min read

Sometimes your dog can be a big distraction for you mums and dads trying to work from home. They may come to you for belly rubs or with their favourite toy to indicate they want to play ‘fetch’. Or they can start barking when they hear the postman from miles away. If you are just like me, you may even work on the sofa while cuddling them. But sometimes we have to make that very important business call without any distractions. Below we cover 3 ways that you can keep your dog occupied (for a little while, at least)

  • Making pupsicles plus a great pupsicle recipe
  • Organising a scavenger hunt
  • Interactive toys for enrichment

#1. Make some Pupsicles

This is a safe and healthy homemade treat that can entertain your pup for a long period of time. Just follow these super easy instructions:

Step 1: Fill up a Kong Toy with your pal’s favourite ingredients

Take your dog’s Kong Toy and add some of the ingredients they love. If you do not have a Kong Toy, you can use a small glass bowl, freezer-safe container or even a re-sealable freezer bag.

Some ingredients you can add are Greek yogurt, apple puree, slices of bananas or mangoes, or even their favourite treats – we recommend our Lamb Crunchies or Mackerel Munchies. You can even try out our Apple, Cinnamon & Coconut recipe which our dogs (Winston & Jett) absolutely love.

Whichever ingredients you decide to use – always keep in mind the calorie intake when filling up the containers (especially for the bigger containers).

Step 2: Add water or chicken broth into Toy Kong

Fill your chosen container with water or organic chicken broth. Make sure the chicken broth has no added salt, onions or garlic. If you use a Kong Toy, cover the smaller end with enough organic all-natural peanut butter to prevent water or broth from seeping through. Ensure that the peanut butter you use is not sweetened with xylitol as it is toxic to dogs.

Step 3: Freeze it

FREEZE, FREEZE and FREEZE away. You may want to cover the other end of the Toy Kong with peanut butter before freezing to prevent spills. 

Step 4: Pupsicle-time!

It is ready to be taken out whenever you need your dog entertained – just put the treat in a spot you do not mind getting wet or on top of a towel or lick mat.

#2. Stage a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep your pet both mentally and physically entertained. It is fun and interactive – and likely to leave your dog happy to take a post-hunt nap. Before taking the important call, take a few minutes to hide some treats in safe spots around the house (e.g. next to furniture, corner of the room or even in your dog’s toys). Teach him the ‘find it’ cue by guiding him to the first few spots, and let him loose to hunt for treats while you get back to business.

#3. Get an Interactive Toy

Interactive toys are designed to keep your pet’s mind stimulated and keep them entertained. Getting a toy that is treat-related will also encourage dogs to play for a pawsome award, and some can even keep them active. There are a range of treat-dispensing toys that spin, bounce and roll out treats. Fill them up with their kibbles or even our Puppy Lamb Treats before having an important call, to keep them so busy that they will even forget about the postman!

Don’t want to invest in an expensive toy? A long-lasting chew can also do the trick – like our delicious Goat Horns or Beef Hooves filled with Kangaroo Mince. These treats are perfect to keep your dog entertained for hours.

P.S. you can even turn the hoof into a pupsicle once your dog has chewed the kangaroo mince away!

Staying at home with your furbaby is definitely a dream come true, but sometimes this means being distracted. Go down this list to try out ways to keep your dog tail-wagging entertained indoors during the day while you hustle away at home!