April 25, 2021 2 min read

Having the dog parks closed (in QLD) because of the pandemic meant that our dogs were no longer able to run around like lunatics and play with their pals. Having two restless dogs has forced us to be a bit more creative these past few weeks. And guess what, there are games you can play indoors that will surely tire your furbaby and ensure that healthy dose of exercise your dog needs. In this article we will go over some ways that you can do some indoor activities with your dog:

  • Set up an obstacle course indoors
  • Play hide and seek 
  • Playing fetch while keeping your dog safe

#1 Set up an obstacle course

Clear out that living room ladies and gentlemen – an indoor dog obstacle course is coming through!

Use a hula hoop, laundry basket or even a broom between two chairs for simple jumps; plastic bottles or cones as weaving obstacles; and cardboard boxes or blankets over furniture for ‘tunnels’. Whatever you choose to use, make sure your dog has enough space to perform the trick safely, and that the design can be easily collapsible so that your dog does not get injured.

You may want to use a leash and some healthy training treats to slowly guide your pooch when first going through each obstacle. Who knows – your dog might just turn into a professional at the end of the lockdown (just like @pino.the.corgi)!

Obstacle course with @pino.the.corgi

#2 Hide & Seek

Relive your favourite childhood game and play Hide & Seek with your dog!

Distract your dogs with toys or some treats while you (and your family) hide around the house. When ready, call out for your doggos and  listen to them trotting around the house while they try to hunt each of you down (try your best not to laugh as it will make it too easy for them).

Make sure you reward your furbaby with lots of praises and healthy treats when you have been found. Not only will your dog get a healthy dose of exercise, this is the perfect game to teach your dog to recall! 

#3 Play fetch

Have a long hallway or stairs? Tire your feisty furball with a game of fetch.

You can even add a few obstacles (e.g. couch pillows) along the hallway or use a bouncing toy to increase the difficulty of the game. And definitely remove any breakable or valuable items out of the way as they are likely to turn into bulldozers!  Ensure that the floor is not slippery and that you only let them run up the stairs to protect their joints and prevent them from getting hurt.

You will definitely end up with a tired dog with any of these activities. Just make sure you supervise your pup in these games and that these activities are suitable for the age and condition of your dog – and that you have delicious healthy treats to reward your tired pooch after!