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The Golden Bone Bakery

So how do you find the good treats from the bad?

There are so many treats for our pets on the market and scrolling through pet shops and supermarkets doesn’t make the choice easy.  So how do you find the good treats from the bad?

Follow our 6 step guide to treat your pet safely:The Golden Bone Bakery

  1. Turn that treat bag in your hand around
  2. Scroll through the ingredient list
  3. Do you see any glycerine, preservatives or numbers? 
  4. The words ‘colours’ and ‘flavours’ already show that the producer used synthetic substances
  5. Look for sugars such as sucrose, sorbitol or dextrose
  6. None of the above are included? Awesome!

Domestication and its consequences

Dogs and cats were domesticated by us humans and if you look at the diet of our pets´ ancestors, their modern diet has been humanized. In today’s fast paced world, food must be quick and easy to prepare (open a dry food bag or a can to pour it into the bowl) – so it must be practical for humans and ready for the animals.

As a dog or cat owner, you have taken on a responsibility to care for your pet. Mistakes in feeding your pet have similar consequences as malnutrition in humans.

Being overweight has negative effects on the cardiovascular system, joints, ligaments and various internal organs, especially the liver and kidneys in the animals. In the worst case, the animals are formally fed to death, so one should only choose suitable feed. Ideally, these are based exclusively on natural ingredients and have a high meat content, as the dog and cat naturally require, and sugar supplements should not be in the feed. If your pet gains too much weight despite the diet, according to the feed manufacturer, reduce the meals to a healthy level or switch to fresh food

Is my pet overweight?

This is the most important question to ask your vet. And you may not believe it but also a tricky question to answer. Many veterinarians don’t like telling their clients that their animal is overweight, due to the fact that your vet doesn’t want to offend you. So be proactive and open for genuine feedback and tips.

As a health conscious pet owner you need to understand that your pets’ weight is an important factor of disease prevention, longevity and overall quality of life. Have you heard of the Body Condition Score? It is an easy 9 point system to determine your pet’s healthy shape. An ideal score is a 4 or 5 where all scores below are underweight and scores from 6-9 are overweight.

In terms of shape, when viewed from above, your pet should have a noticeable waist between the end of the rib cage and the start of their hind quarters, and when using light pressure over their back and sides, you should be able to feel, but not see, his or her individual ribs and spine.

Invest in nutritious, delicious and healthy treats

At The Golden Bone Bakery, we passionately invest our time into researching the best ingredients for your beloved dogs and cats. Every ingredient has its nutritional benefit and every recipe is approved by our veterinarian who is specialised in small animal nutrition.  We include organic cold pressed coconut oil in all our baked dog treat creations. Coconut oil is an excellent source for your dog and cats’ shiny coat and a boost for their immune system. Furthermore, our handmade and baked dog treats are super low in fat (below 3%) and therefore the perfect guilt free and delicious treat option to always reach for. Check out our Carrot & Mint treats with a super low fat content of only 1.4%!

If your best mate is a happy chewer, have a look at our Goat Horns or Beef Hooves which are filled with dehydrated lean kangaroo mince. All meat and fish we use are sourced from Australia.

Food is energy

Our dogs and cats need food to generate energy and to build and replace body substance. It’s the existence of all living things and we and our fury friends are dependant on the ability to ingest, store and distribute food throughout the organism. But it’s on us to make health conscious and smart food decisions in order to live a long, strong and happy life with our pets.

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