Sharkies - natural dental sticks

Our Sharkies are a great dental aid for your dog. The skin is very tough, making these fish dental sticks a wonderful chew for all dog sizes. Dogs can easily hold this chew between their paws and use it as a natural and delicious toothbrush.

This healthy dog treat is sourced from 100% North Queensland Black Tip Reef Sharks, which are mainly used to provide flake to restaurants. These sharks are very common in our waters. All fish we source is sustainably caught following strict quota’s provided by the Australian Fisheries.

All our fish-based dental chews for dogs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote healthy skin & coat and strong joints.

Come in 4 and 8 packs!

100% North Queensland Black Tip Reef Sharks – Sustainably sourced – Free of preservatives and anything artificial

Note: Shark treats can have a strong smell for humans (but dogs love it)!