Chicken Crunchies for Dogs & Cats

Our furry clients adore these Chicken Crunchies which are manufactured in Australia and dried without the use of preservatives or anything artificial.

Did you know that most Chicken Breast treats available were sought first in Glycerin to make the treat softer? Glycerin also acts after the drying process as a preservative. Please always scan through the ingredients list when buying pet treats to make sure your dog eats 100% natural for the most nutritional benefits.

Our chicken treats are the perfect treat to reward and train your dogs and cats. They are easily broken up and can be used as a healthy chew for cats and small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Cavoodles, King Charles Spaniels, Dachshund and more.

100% pure Australian Chicken Breast – Free of preservatives, no hormones or anything artificial / Protein: 71%, Fat: 8.5%

PS: Please note that we are currently updating the label to suit both dogs and cats :)