Here at The Golden Bone Bakery, we create healthy dog treats with carefully chosen natural, delicious ingredients that are veterinarian approved and have nutritional benefits for our best friends.


Katharina with Winston and Jett
Katharina with Winston and Jett

Our Story

It all began with Jett, our labrador x blue heeler. Jett loves having people around him and showing off with his tricks in return for treats. But as more treats we gave him, the more he passed smelly wind. We agreed that this is not only demotivating for us to continue playing but also uncomfortable for Jett.

Raising Awareness

I started paying careful attention to the ingredients listed on the back of the treats we were giving him and wondered why most of them contained sugar, artificial colours and flavours, lots of preservatives and other chemicals. With further research, I found that most chemicals are used to make treats look and smell like meat while also keeping them soft. I discovered that those artificial additives are not only unnecessary, they are also harmful to a dogs’ digestive system. After interviewing more than 100 dog owners, breeders, trainers and veterinarians about healthy dog treats, I decided to start baking our own. In 2015 The Golden Bone Bakery was created.

Nutritional Benefits

Every ingredient has its nutritional benefit and every recipe includes organic cold pressed coconut oil, which is an excellent source for your dogs’ shiny coat and a boost for the immune system. Please read more about all ingredients we use here

100% Free of Anything Artificial

All of our treats are 100% free of added salt, sugar, soy, corn, preservatives and chemicals. Our recipes are confirmed by a veterinarian and tested for nutrient analysis by an official laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. We follow the guidelines of the PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia) and unlike many other brands on the market, we clearly state what is in our treats.

My Passion

Animal love is my basic and biggest motivation to fulfil our four pawed client’s wishes day in, day out. I strongly believe that “You are what you eat” goes for us humans as well as for our dogs. So please come and join me on my mission to create more happy and healthy dogs!


Dr Gillian Sylvestre BVSc (Hons. 1A) – Hollistic Veterinarian


” It’s hard to find real healthy treats with nutritional benefits for dogs. The Golden Bone Bakery uses fantastic ingredients that are beneficial to dog health and are not only delicious but also low in fat. ”  Dr. Gillian Sylvestre

Gillian has been a full-time small animal Vet, in private and Government practice, since graduating from the University of Queensland with First Class Honours in 2006.She now manages Little Critters Peterinary Care with her wonderful team and has a particular interest into healthy dog nutrition while currently studying a post-graduate certificate about Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine.

Amongst other interests, Gillian is also a fully qualified Horticulturist and her team are well known in the community for their genuine support of rescue animal work for charities.


Katrina Gomersall – Craig A. Murray group of Specialist Dog Trainers


“Finally some healthy treats that are actually healthy treats and the best thing is my dogs love them!”

Katrina has more than 15 years experience in training, sport coaching and development for people with and without disabilities. Growing up in the regional areas of Queensland and always surrounded by animals, she developed a strong bond to dogs and because of that, focused her life and career to working with dogs which is her passion.

Katrina is a dog trainer from Craig A Murray Dog Training and is brilliant to work with, highly regarded in the community and recommended by many veterinarian clinics. Craig A Murray Dog Training specialises in pet dog training, specialist training which includes odour detection, search and rescue, protection as well as assistance dogs.